About Us


Who We Are

We are tightly-knit team of problem solvers based in Sausalito, CA. When we’re not working to improve patient care, you can find us talking digital health and space travel, walking to the beach on coffee breaks, and completing Spartan Races together. We’re all about futurism, thinking big, and living with purpose.

Our Vision

Accelerating the delivery of outstanding healthcare, one patient at a time. 

Our Mission

Realize better patient outcomes by helping healthcare providers improve operational efficiency, gain transparency, and reduce costs.

Our Core Values

Do good

We exist to do good for patients and the world

Encourage Diversity

Diversity of background, ideas, and life experience


Our flat management structure encourages individual autonomy 

Put Work-life Balance First

Families, friends, hobbies, and work coexist here

Meet the Team 

Aaron- Full-1

Aaron Cheever



Ilya- Full-1

Ilya Stepanov


Kennedy- Full-1

Kennedy Petersen

Business Development



Duncan Owen


5M0A8559 2

David Emanuel


Will- Full-1

Will Castaneda


Butler- Full-1

David Butler


Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 12.50.06 PM

Todd Revolt

Business Development

Eric- Full

Eric Brown

Business Development


Tina Revolt

CNO (Chief Nap Officer)

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