Founded in 2011, VectorCare (previously known as Medlert), was originally built to save lives during an emergency by providing rich data to a 911 dispatcher. This system enabled the right kind of emergency care to arrive to patients much faster, saving hundreds of lives in the process.

Today, VectorCare is a fully customizable, comprehensive healthcare logistics platform. We recognize that effective patient planning starts from the ground up, so we’ve designed a platform which can handle everything from patient transport to in-home health visits (and yes, we’re still saving lives too).


Our mission is to reimagine Healthcare Logistics through three primary goals:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Drive better patient care
  • Reduce healthcare costs for everyone

Together, we’re helping everyone in healthcare become changemakers in their industries. Our vision is to become the Healthcare Logistics Platform for the world, by using innovative technology to dramatically raise the standard of patient care worldwide.