Join the VectorCare Team!

Senior Full Stack Engineer: help reinvent healthcare and innovate a $500 billion industry

VectorCare is looking for an experienced Senior Full Stack Developer to join our engineering team and play a key role in expanding and helping our platform evolve. You’ll be responsible for helping develop all levels of software development and become a crucial member of the engineering team as we tackle big issues in healthcare innovation.

We are poised to rapidly expand in the coming years, and we’re looking to hire an engineer who can grow with us long-term. Though you will have specific roles and responsibilities on the engineering team, our start-up environment requires that you are versatile and able to learn to adapt in many different projects.

We’re looking for someone with a start-up mentality, who is motivated by growth and is looking to work for a company where they can leave a large impact.

Why VectorCare?

As a young company near Silicon Valley, we work in a highly collaborative environment with a flat management structure. Your work will be valuable, and you’ll be able to take ownership for large projects and leave your mark, rather than being merely one of thousands of employees at a large corporation. In addition, you’ll be able to earn company equity and directly profit from VectorCare’s success.

Though we are a start-up, we don’t expect employees to work hellishly long hours and sleep on office couches. We believe that the smoothest running companies thrive because of work-life balance, and so we strive to make our office a productive, enjoyable place to work. From 100% covered medical/dental insurance, to catered meals, an office by the beach, free parking, work-from-home-Fridays, a workday that end at 4pm, a generous vacation policy, and an onsite gym and shower(complete with optional team crossfit training after work), we continually make investments in the well-being of our employees.

You will

  • Have the freedom to own the full development lifecycle from design to launch
  • Have your hands on the entire software stack from the frontend to back-end services to the database
  • Get to focus on what really gets you excited about software engineering
  • Have the opportunity to choose which parts of the business you want to make an impact on
  • Minimize tech debt, advocate for change as needed
  • Help establish technical standards and best practices where needed

Some minimum requirements and experience we’re looking for(though if you are missing one don’t let that stop you from applying!):

  • BS degree in Computer Science or a similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience
  • Fundamentals in data structures, algorithm design, and problem solving
  • Experience writing dependable Python code
  • Familiarity with Django or similar web frameworks
  • Strong experience with HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Comfortable using Git
  • Familiarity with React & Redux
  • Experience using Docker
  • Experience with PostgreSQL or similar relational database
  • Bash basics & comfortable with command line
  • Comfortable with Linux environments

Additional skills that we value:

  • Experience with Agile development
  • Container orchestration experience (Kubernetes, etc.)
  • Experience with Microservice Architectures
  • Experience using Babel
  • ECMAScript 6 mastery
  • Webpack experience
  • Experience using React Router
  • Skilled with Django REST Framework
  • Experience using Redis
  • Experience with production workloads on AWS
  • Knowledge of container monitoring techniques
  • Familiarity with Test Driven Development
  • Experience using Elasticsearch
  • Experience with HIPAA
  • Experience with CI/CD (like Jenkins)
  • Exposure to iOS/Swift development or React Native

About Us:

Founded in 2011, Vectorcare(previously Medlert) is a fully customizable, comprehensive healthcare logistics platform which helps hospitals use an online SaaS marketplace to schedule everything from patient transport to in-home health visits: a single entry point to manage the whole patient’s journey. Our mission is to enable healthcare providers to become changemakers in their industry through better efficiency, improved patient care, and reduced healthcare costs for everyone.

If you think you may be a good fit for our team, please send your resume and cover letter to: