Facility Evacuation Module

Facility Evacuation Toolbox:

Use these resources to help prepare and plan for a healthcare facility evacuation

What's your emergency plan?

After 2017’s devastating California fire season , we decided to use our resources to help. As we head into the 2018 fire season, our goal is to give every California hospital and care facility access to our evacuation module at no cost.  Technology is the great equalizer, and if our platform can help save lives during a disaster we want to be able to help. 

How it works today in an evacuation

How it works with VectorCare in an evacuation

Who and how we have helped.

Kaiser Santa Rosa - Tubbs Fire Evacuation using VectorCare

During the Tubbs fire of October 2017, Kaiser used VectorCare to coordinate the transport of 130 patients to safety within 2 hours. 

That’s 5x faster than another hospital who was evacuating patients at the exact same time. 

I can’t imagine that the team could have handled this sudden volume, and track where every patient was taken, as gracefully and calmly as they did, if they were still doing things the old way. "

Phyllis Stark, Regional Continuum of Care Administrator, Kaiser Permanente

# of Patients Evacuated Within 2 hours

Get ready for the next catastrophe. Once your account is activated, here's what's next:

Create a list of Transport Providers to send an evacuation request to in the event of an emergency.

Determine which User Group can request this service in the event of an evacuation

Establish the pick up points on your campus/facility and determine where patients need to go

Run a drill to make sure your evacuation process is well defined and works.