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End-to-end visibility 

Track status of any service request from creation to broadcast & delivery across the Service Provider Network. 
Every event time-stamped to ensure transparency. 

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Easy to use design

Gone are the days of spreadsheets, fax machines, and outdated tools. Our intuitive solution helps busy care team members coordinate patient services on a single platform. 

Put the patient first

Ditch the fax machine, long hold times, and paper-pushing. Join the new era of healthcare logistics and spend time where it matters: taking care of patients. 


Care Delivery Tech Supervisor

Hospital System, 39 hospitals


"Saving 15 minutes per request translates to more reliable and timely patient transport, this system helps us grow operations by providing more services in the same amount of time without increasing staff"

Requester (Nurse)

Hospital System, 39 hospitals
"My department and I used to have to call our Ambulance hub and be on hold for extended times just to order an ambulance. With VectorCare we are able to do all of this online."

Continuum of Care Director

Insurer, 12.2 million patients


"We took this onerous, homemade process that we were limping along with...to something that is sustainable and expandable into the future. It was a gamechanger for us."


 Join our Service Provider Network and start connecting with local facilities, reduce your time on task, and experience complete transparency over your operations.


Connect With Facilities

Join our Network and connect with local facilities to begin receiving requests.


Care Delivery app

Our iOS app allows drivers to route to pick-up locations, timestamp activity, and more. 


Digital Requests

No more phone or fax machines: view a comprehensive request history, PCS forms, and more.  


Business Intelligence

Download data-driven reports to optimize transparency and operational efficiency. 


Back-up Provider Network

Create a network of local back-up Service Providers to broadcast unwanted requests to. 


First 1,000 Requests Free

Your first 1,000 created requests per month on the platform free of charge.


Learn more about our Service Provider Solution


 Build a network of local Service Providers, maintain complete transparency over the execution of services, and use business intelligence to visualize and improve operations.


Broadcast Engine

Ditch the phone and fax machine. Our broadcast engine allows care teams to broadcast service requests to local providers instantly. 


Provider Management

Create a network of credentialed, local Service Providers. Use zone management and set Primary & Secondary providers


Customizable Services

Configure data collection needs and workflows for any type of service: from transportation, to DME, meal delivery, home health and more. 


Business Intelligence

Customize & download data-driven reports. Our dashboard allows users to easily visualize operations and trends. 


Secure Messaging

Private and public messaging allows care teams to instantly communicate both internally and with Service Providers. 


Cloud & HIPAA Secure

Our comprehensive HIPAA & Cloud security measures mean that you can have complete peace of mind with your patient data. 


 Learn more about our Healthcare Provider Solution


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