Join the VectorCare Partner Program

We want you to help us change healthcare in a meaningful way.

Our Channel Partners Program provides our partners with access to the VectorCare toolbox, specially curated training about our platform, a knowledge base of best practices for creating custom workflows, and quality guidance about building successful relationships with care providers.

Whether our VectorCare Partners are bringing the platform to hospitals, supporting existing customers, or spreading word about our product, their work increases the quality of healthcare in their communities and improves patient outcomes beyond them.



Approved resellers of VectorCare’s suite of products


Partners approved to resell, implement, and charge professional services for VectorCare’s products.

So, What's a Changemaker?

As a member of our Partner Program and the VectorCare family, we want to enable you to become changemakers in healthcare and your communities. To us, changemakers:

  • are relentless in identifying problems, asking the right questions, and creating solutions that work
  • use their resources and knowledge to create impact on a local level
  • remain empathetic to the needs of others and, always strive to advance the greater good

To summarize, Changemaking is all about making change. Healthcare is a messy, bureaucratic, massive industry: it takes a group of doers, movers, and shakers to accelerate us all toward a brighter, healthier future. By partnering with VectorCare, we aim to give you the tools and resources you need to enact change in the healthcare industry, whatever that looks like for you.