For Service Providers




Per Request Created and/or Accepted


A Request Accepted is when a Service Provider account accepts a Care Delivery request.  The Service Provider who accepts the request will be charged $1.50. 

A Request Created is when an account creates & broadcasts a request and a Service Provider accepts it. The account who created the request will be billed $1.50. 

NOTE: Charges do NOT apply when the request has been canceled.

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We'll email a monthly invoice to your company's account owner or designated billing contact. 

If you'd like to change your designated billing contact, email us at


Additional plugins (Zone Logic Engine, Uber/Lyft, etc) can be purchased upon request

Because requests are billed based on appointment date, you will only be charged for the care delivery requests which take place within your billing month. No matter how far in advance you create or accept a request, you only need to pay for the request which have occurred already within the current billing cycle. 



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