Service Providers


Join the world's leading Service Provider Network and unleash the future of service management

Our HIPAA-Secure platform enables you to reduce time on task by receiving online service requests from facilities, and use our intuitive dispatch and assigning tools to manage your vehicles, crews, nurses and care team members.


Ditch the phone and fax machine: connect with and receive instant, online service requests from local facilities

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Increase Transparency

Maintain total visibility over your operations and service requests

  • View comprehensive trip requests & summaries
  • Receive 100% reimbursement through our medical necessity logic engine and digital PCS form
  • Run data-driven reports 



Empower Care Team Members

Our iOS app allows crew teams to execute service requests on the ground level, never missing a beat.

  • Share live location updates with the care team
  • Keep track of current & upcoming delivery assignments





5 Core Modules. Includes 1,000 requests per month.

Check out our Service Provider Solution below for details. 

Get Started 

Our Service Provider Solution:


A workflow builder and broadcast tool for all your scheduled services.

  • Create Service requests
  • Invite facilities to connect with you 
  • Receive service requests through our platform
  • Use default service schemas
  • Use our Digital PCS form 


Utilize realtime messaging between members of the care team  

  • Send public and private messages through our in-request chat feature
  • Connect with members of the care team instantly, with complete transparency


VectorCare iOS app to manage the ground level execution of services

  • Complete requests using our default workflows
  • Manage your vehicles and crew members with our delivery app
  • Realtime location and updates shared with care team 

Back-up Provider Management

Invite and broadcast requests to any Service Provider. 

  • Create a network of "back-up" providers to broadcast to in the event you are not able to complete or provide a service request. 


Data-driven reports provide valuable insights into business operations. 

  • Run our default reports of over 75 data fields
  • Easily download .csv report files
  • Keep a company-wide record of report downloads to maintain HIPAA security



1000 Free Requests

The first 1000 scheduled requests/month are included for free in the Starter plan. 

After 1000 requests, a $1.00 transaction fee will be added to each request.


Start today for only $10/month.

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