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Start transforming your dispatch workflows today.

Plan Features

Access to the VectorCare Marketplace

Join the VectorCare marketplace and begin receiving online Requests from nearby Hospitals, SNF's, other Transport Providers and more.

Access to Back-up Provider Module

In the case that you can’t fulfill a request, easily send the transport request to a back-up vendor of your choice.

VectorCare App for Crews

Easily assign Requests to Crews from the VectorCare NEMT module. Crews and Drivers use the VectorCare App to receive and update Requests.

Dispatch Module(NEMT)

Access to the NEMT Dispatch module and self configuring tools to build the right work flows for you Dispatch today.

Secure Messaging

Securely message in your Dispatch on every Request and Patient related logistics.

Easy User Administration

Easily manage your team and what they do with our powerful User Admin interface.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Visualize your operations success and keep up to date through powerful analytics.

Patient Transit History

Easily keep track of each patient’s entire transit history with your company

Medical-Necessity Logic Engine

Build and set the workflow logic to determine what meets Medical Necessity for every Request.

Data-Driven Reports

Data-driven reports provide valuable insights and transparency to NEMT operations.​

Start transforming your dispatch workflows now.

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Transaction Fees for Optional Features


per accepted request from the VectorCare Marketplace


per assignment accepted by crew on the app