Hub for Payers

For Payers, managing the healthcare needs of your members has never been easier.

We built Hub to remove the friction when it comes to scheduling & dispatching any patient logistics healthcare service between your members and contracted facilities. Guarantee the right care team and vendor, at the right time.
vectorcare for payers

Create and deploy custom workflows in minutes, not months.

Take any healthcare service and build a customized digital workflow that has all your policies and data requirements for the scheduling of care, and then define the workflow for the delivery of that scheduled event. Perfect for care teams, digital call centers, transfer centers, and members.
hub workflow illustration

Member Benefits Management

Member benefits and global authorization management across all service types enable at the point of scheduling real-time visibility and tracking. Set alerts on allotment thresholds or expiring global authorizations.
member benefits management

Tools for care teams to communicate and coordinate in real-time.

Live Map updates, status updates, and messaging with all care team members lets everyone know what's happening at every step.
hub communicate
Contracted Network

Connect to local, credentialed vendors and care teams to deliver any healthcare service.

Every scheduled event is sent to a marketplace of contracted, credentialed patient logistics Vendors locally. Approved service providers can respond instantly.
hub connect

Operational Insights and Fraud Detection

A fully functional BI tool to help get operational insights and build custom dashboards for care teams and vendors to view. When it comes to billing, leverage Machine Learning (ML) to identify fraud and abuse with vendors and suppliers.
hub insights

Secure & Scalable

Our HIPAA-Secure cloud-based system allows for your operations to scale up or down as needed with no lapse in time or resources.
Dispatching Healthcare in action

See how care teams work together using VectorCare Hub

Healthcare Organizations
Care Team
Service Provider
After successful knee surgery, a Nurse uses Hub to:
  • Arrange an NEMT ride home via Lyft
  • Broadcast out a request for a Home Healthcare Worker to follow up one week later
A licensed home healthcare worker sees the request on Hub and accepts.
A week later, they go to the patient's home to adjust the patient's orthotic brace. Using Hub's mobile app, they:
  • Capture vitals and other important information
  • Marks the task complete
  • Verify with a signature
Back at the hospital, the nurse is alerted that the task is complete. Success!
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