Hub for Providers

For Medical Centers, building a Patient Transfer Center or outsourcing to one is cumbersome and expensive.

We built Hub to remove the friction when it comes to building a patient transfer center and to make sure that you get the right resources at the right time, at the right place.
vectorcare hub for hospitals
Patient Services

Create and deploy custom workflows in minutes, not months.

Take any patient logistics healthcare service and build a customized digital workflow that has all your policies and data requirements for the scheduling of care. Then define the workflow for the delivery of that scheduled event.
hub workflow illustration

Member Benefits

Check member benefits and global authorizations across all service types at the point of scheduling. Avoid long calls and hold-times with Payers.
member benefits management

Tools for care teams to communicate and coordinate in real-time

Live map and status updates and messaging with all care team members. Connect everyone with what's happening at every step of the patient's journey.
hub communicate
Contracted Network

Connect to local, credentialed vendors and care teams to deliver any healthcare service

Every scheduled event is sent to a marketplace of locally contracted and credentialed vendors. Only approved vendors are able to respond instantly.
hub connect

Business Intelligence and ML

A fully functional BI tool allows you to build custom dashboards that offer operational insights for care teams and vendors. When it comes to bed turnaround, leverage machine learning (ML) to improve patient care and discharge.
hub insights
EHR Integration

AllScripts, Cerner, Epic and more

We integrate with any EHR using industry standard protocols like FHIR. Our partner REDOX makes implementation fast and seamless.
EHR integration illustration

Secure & Scalable

Our HIPAA-Secure cloud-based system allows for instant standardization across facilities. With Hub, your operations can scale up or down as needed with no lapse in time or resources.
Dispatching Healthcare in action

See how care teams work together using VectorCare Hub to discharge a patient.

Healthcare Organizations
Care Team
Service Provider
Patient Discharge and Transfer
After a successful heart surgery, a patient needs to be transferred to a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)
Broadcasts Request for a SNF Bed
The Nurse sends a broadcast to a network of SNFs looking for bed availability.
SNF Accepts Patient
The bed request is accepted by SNF.
Broadcast Request for Ambulance
The nurse has found a bed and now sends a request for medical transportation to move the patient to the SNF, broadcasting to a network of contracted NEMT providers.
Ambulance Provider Accepts Ride
One of the contracted NEMT provider sees the request on Hub and accepts it.
Status Update
The crew is assigned to the request and sends an ETA and updates on arrival for patient pick-up and when they are at the patient's bedside.
Patient Dropped Off
The patient was picked up and has been dropped off at the SNF successfully.
  • Crew marks the task complete
  • Verifies with a signature
Back at the hospital, the nurse is alerted that the NEMT ride is complete. Success!
vectorcare for hospitals discharge patient
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