Hub for County, State, and Federal Agencies

For County, State, and Government Agencies.

When it comes to scheduling and communicating between PSAPs, Facilities, Care Teams, and local Medical Transportation Providers, Hub brings in all the key players and makes collaboration and the delivery of great patient care that much easier.
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Build custom workflows to help schedule and dispatch care across various programs.

Build a customized patient logistics digital workflow that has all your request and data requirements for assigning any event to your field staff.
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Give your team the tools to schedule any service out in the field or in the dispatch. No more calling multiple providers for medical transport. One request to dozens of transportation providers instantly.
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Live Map updates, status updates, and messaging with all care teams and crews lets everyone know what's happening at every step.
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Operational Insights

A powerful BI tool to help get operational insights and build custom dashboards for care teams, and providers to view. When it comes to resource planning, leverage Machine Learning (ML) to improve discharge and bed turnaround as an example.
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EHRs and CADs

We integrate with any CAD & EHR and our OpenAPI, seamlessly connect to send data, and receive data securely. Simplify operations, billing, and reduce time on task.

Secure & Scalable

Our HIPAA-Secure cloud-based system allows for your operations to scale up or down as needed with no lapse in time or resources.
Dispatching Healthcare in action

See how care teams work together using VectorCare Hub

Healthcare Organizations
Care Team
Service Provider
Nurse Requests Transport
A local Nurse has a patient to move and looking for a NEMT BLS transport, one way.
County 911 Dispatch Receives Request
The County Dispatcher reviews the request and sends the request to a network of credentialed and approved medical transportation providers.
Broadcast Sent to Medical Transportation Providers
The medical transportation provider dispatcher receives the request through VectorCare, the dispatcher looks for an available unit, then accepts or provides the best time.
Resource planning and deployment
The dispatcher assigns the unit and provides updates along the whole journey.
  • En route to Medical Center
  • Picked up Patient
  • Crew marks as complete
  • Verifies with signature and time stamps
Back at the hospital and 911 Dispatch, the nurse is alerted that the task is complete and has been added to patient records. Success!
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