End-to-End Visibility into NEMT

End-to-End Visibility into NEMT Services: Increase Data Transparency and Accountability

September 10, 2021
David Emanuel

End-to-End Visibility into NEMT Services: Increase Data Transparency and Accountability

Data is power.

The ability to leverage easily accessible data to provide transparency and accountability is powerful—especially when it spans across the entire care delivery continuum.

Not only does VECTORCARE HUB MAKE PATIENT CARE LOGISTICS EASIER, but it also provides unparalleled transparency and accountability in managing your network of transportation providers, understanding costs and pricing, and reducing fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA).

End-to-End Visibility

Using a single system that covers operations from end-to-end helps eliminate logistical inefficiencies associated with managing service providers, such as your transportation network, through manual processes or across multiple systems.

VectorCare Hub’s comprehensive digital platform allows transportation, as well as other services, such as delivery of DME and home health services, to be requested, bid on in real-time, and delivered all within the same space.

This level of visibility, spanning across the entire care delivery lifecycle, stops communication lines from being muddled through outdated processes such as faxing paperwork, phone calls, and cross-referencing records by hand. Eliminating these clunky processes leads to higher efficiency and leaves less room for discrepancies.

Through the implementation of a comprehensive patient care logistics solution, California’s largest dual healthcare payer-provider increased end-to-end visibility and REALIZED MAJOR FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL GAINS.

Provide Transparency by Leveraging Pricing Data

Miscommunications regarding costs and pricing occur due to insufficient transparency and data blindness. VectorCare Hub removes the confusion surrounding costs and prices and provides up-front information so payers, providers, and third-party transportation can work together to mitigate billing issues.

Cost transparency helps END SURPRISE BILLING for your members—a significant problem that affects both payers and consumers.

Access to real-time reports also gives Medicare Advantage plans visibility into the services and associated pricing for which vendors seek reimbursement.

Reduce Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Through Increased Transparency and Accountability

Medicare Advantage plans can hold transportation vendors accountable by leveraging data pulled from VectorCare Hub’s intelligent reporting.

Building custom reports offers transparency and insights into various aspects of your business where fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) may occur.

Payers can build a report that flags potential duplicate charges and displays average pricing across your network to spot any troubling outliers. They can also utilize maps for transparency into a particular transportation service.

With VectorCare Hub, payers can easily uncover potential cases of FWA due to excessive mileage. Here’s how:

  1. Design a report that maps the route of a requested NEMT service.
  2. View the length of time for the service, including when the patient was picked up and dropped off.
  3. Compare miles submitted for the service to the map designed within the system to identify any anomalies.

Considering that multiple states have reported cases of TRANSPORTATION SERVICE PROVIDERS ABUSING THE SYSTEM, the need for a solution that promotes accountability is substantial.

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Cultivate End-to-End Data Transparency and Accountability Within Your Medicare Advantage Plan

Learn how a comprehensive PATIENT CARE LOGISTICS SOLUTION can help your Medicare Advantage plan increase data transparency and accountability for transportation providers through end-to-end visibility.

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