How Does VectorCare's Network Drive Operational Efficiency?
Patient Logistics

How Does VectorCare's Network Drive Operational Efficiency?

December 5, 2022
Josh Yiangou

The VectorCare Way

We know that the time that healthcare professionals spend with their patients is invaluable to the healing process and the overall recovery of a patient post surgery. Unfortunately, the process for scheduling non-emergent medical transport(NEMT) for discharging a patient is not frictionless and requires many phone calls, faxes, emails and can take more than 45mins to find the appropriate ride - all taking time away from caring for the patient.

Over the last several years, VectorCare has built one of the most comprehensive Patient Logistics Platform to solve this problem at scale. What used to take 45+ minutes and dozens of phone calls to find an NEMT provider, can now be accomplished in less than 5 minutes. Having a deep bench of credentialed NEMT providers in your network that can be reached simultaneously is one of the core features of VectorCare’s platform and is what helps improve response times and getting the pick-up time Providers need to avoid any delays and unnecessary overnight stays.

Faster Response Times

To speed up the process of negotiating for the best pickup time, VectorCare pioneered a “best time response” for its network of NEMT Providers. This allows one request to be broadcasted to multiple NEMT Providers and enables those NEMT Providers  to respond with their best time.The nurse can then accept the best possible pickup time for their patients.

The chart below shows the response time of a vendor if a best time was used or not. When a best time was used among multiple vendors, the response operational time was nearly 5x faster than if a broadcast was sent to one vendor. The model of requesting a best time for many vendors creates efficiency and hands back time to healthcare professionals.

Segmenting the Vendor Network

In addition to creating a network of  NEMT Providers, VectorCare allows its customers, Payers & Providers, to segment that network into zones with Primary, Secondary, and Back-up NEMT Providers. VectorCare’s flexibility also allows to remove the NEMT Providers who for example are not MediCal approved, and only send the Broadcast to those who are. When  a broadcast is sent out to a particular zone, that zone may contain a list of policies that get reinforced so the Nurse doesn't have to remember all the rules, it just  happens seamlessly. Depending on the policies defined and which NEMT Providers are responsible for what level of service and whether or not they are a Primary, Secondary or Back-up, response time’s are dramatically improved with better on-scene time scores than without those policies in place.

Using zones and best times together can further reduce response times by up to 17% That’s on top of the huge time reduction that VectorCare introduces to the scheduling workflow. Reducing the time on task through networking segmentation is not the only benefit; this creates a more efficient way for our customers to manage their network of vendors, while also creating incentive to move to the primary  

Using Automation to Reduce Time on Task and Better Response Times

VectorCare’s latest innovation is A.D.I (Automated Dispatching Intelligence), a cutting edge automation workflow builder. One of the use cases A.D.I is designed to do is manage all the best-time responses from a network of NEMT Providers that are sent back after a broadcast. With A.D.I, Providers & Payers can define the policies and bidding logic on how to accept best times and can manage anywhere from 1 to 1000 response times sent back from a network of NEMT Providers and accept the most appropriate time down to split seconds. This single action help save 1000s of hours a year for a Provider & Payer and help reduce the administrative burden for nurses and case managers so they can focus on providing care to the patient.

At VectorCare, we are always finding new ways to innovate and create value for our customers through technology. To get a demo on how we can help you take control of your network and achieve faster operational time, get in touch with us HERE.

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