Patient Care Logistics with VectorCare Hub: A New Approach
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Patient Care Logistics with VectorCare Hub: A New Approach to Managing Standing Orders for Medicare Dialysis Transportation

August 9, 2021
David Emanuel

While standing orders for dialysis make it easy to track a physician’s order for treatment of end-stage renal disease (ESRD), the logistics of scheduling services and getting members to and from their appointments can be a significant challenge.

People with ESRD often require in-patient treatment three times per week and approximately one-third use a wheelchair or walker. Those without access to transportation often turn to ambulance services to get to their appointments. The OIG found that less than 2% of ESRD beneficiaries accounted for 75% of total ESRD ambulance payments.

In a cost-containment effort to reduce the reliance on ambulances, the CONSOLIDATED APPROPRIATIONS ACT OF 2021 mandated that states offer non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) benefits.

This puts Medicare Advantage plans in a challenging position financially. Plans now have the added burden of off-setting the cost of administering NEMT benefits while executing mandates to cover more members with ESRD.

Read on to learn how VectorCare Hub offers Medicare Advantage plans a patient care logistics solution to solve this Medicare dialysis transportation business imperative with an improved way to manage standing orders.

Administering Standing Orders with VectorCare Hub Patient Care Logistics Solution

Administering your plan’s newly-required NEMT benefits using a comprehensive patient care logistics solution is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. The physician submits an approved standing order for dialysis to the Medicare Advantage Plan.
  2. The Medicare Advantage plan specialist creates a fulfillment request online and broadcasts it to a network of approved transportation providers who bid on the job.
  3. The plan selects the best option based on the member’s need and schedules the transportation to and from dialysis as covered by the plan. The transport is executed along with real time visibility and communication between all care team members. Contracted rates secured with approved NEMT providers ensures no surprise billing.

Every detail, from the creation of the standing order, to when the member is picked up for their dialysis appointment, is accessible from a single, user-friendly interface for plan administrators.

What does this mean for Medicare Advantage plans?

  • No more faxes or phone calls.  
  • No more back and forth negotiating rates with NEMT brokers.
  • No more tracking orders and confirming services across systems.

Overcome the logistical challenges associated with fulfilling standing orders for transportation from a single platform.

Standing Orders Impact on Member Satisfaction

Knowing how, when, and if they can get to their dialysis appointments can be a source of frustration and stress for people with ESRD.

Having a patient care logistics solution that ensures members have reliable transportation to dialysis appointments offers unparalleled peace of mind.

Not only does VectorCare Hub make it easier for plans to coordinate and administer standing orders with their members, it also improves benefit offerings and satisfaction.

Learn how managing standing orders for dialysis transportation with VECTORCARE HUB can help Medicare Advantage plans control the rising costs of serving members with ESRD while also improving the member experience.

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