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We've Rebranded! Here's why.

June 23, 2020
VectorCare Team

We've Rebranded! Here's why.

You may have noticed over the past few days that VectorCare is sporting a new logo! It’s an exciting time for us, as we expand into new areas of patient care logistics, and we felt that a company-wide redesign to reflect those changes was necessary.

It’s not just our logo that’s changed: you’ll notice that the VectorCare website is brand new, our messaging is more clearly defined, and we’ve made some alterations to the UI of the platform.

So, What Changed?

From a user perspective, not much!  You’ll still be able to use the VectorCare platform as you normally would for scheduling & executing service requests. In-platform, we’ve given the left-hand navigation bar a facelift to align with our new branding and make the tabs easier to navigate.

Over the past year, we’ve been growing and morphing from a transportation-focused dispatch tool to a holistic patient care logistics tool to manage end-to-end care delivery. VectorCare is now used nationwide for everything from transportation, to DME, disaster management, home-health, credentialing, and more.

Above all, we aim to leverage PATIENT CARE LOGISTICS to re-orient patients to the center of healthcare. We actively work to give care team members (both healthcare & service providers) what they need to improve patient experience & outcomes. After all, it’s care teams like you who know how to best care for patient needs.

As the collaborative platform for patient care logistics, we’re excited to partner with you to realize a new era of patient-centered care delivery.

What’s Coming?

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing more and more of the new VectorCare brand: additional website pages and the launch of the new Patient Care Logistics Journal.  

The Patient Care Logistics Journal’s aim is to bring you the latest on not just the VectorCare platform, but on patient care logistics as a whole. We’ll be interviewing leaders in healthcare, discussing the latest patient care logistics headlines, and so much more. Stay tuned in early July for that launch.  

We’re extremely proud and excited about this new rebranding, and we have you to thank: all our administrators, service providers, healthcare providers, and every other user which comprises the VectorCare Community.