Healthcare Dispatching Reimagined With VectorCare Hub

Healthcare Dispatching Reimagined With VectorCare Hub

October 29, 2021
David Emanuel

Healthcare Dispatching Reimagined: VectorCare Hub’s One-Stop-Shop Approach

Healthcare dispatching, which includes services such as medical transportation, home health services, durable medical equipment (DME) delivery, and last-mile logistics, can quickly become a pain point for Medicare Advantage plans if they don’t have the right technology in place.

Working off of confusing or multiple user interfaces, using software that isn’t HIPAA compliant, or coordinating with numerous service Brokers can exacerbate issues involved in providing care for members.

VECTORCARE HUB’s one-stop-shop approach to healthcare dispatching is a game-changer for plans looking to modernize and elevate their operations and level of care.

Read on for four features that make VectorCare Hub a one-stop-shop service for healthcare dispatching.

Single Easy-To-Use Interface

Member data, standing orders, and reporting tools spread across multiple systems leads to decreased efficiency, troubling mix-ups, and fraudulent activity. VectorCare Hub is accessible via a single, intuitive, and easy-to-use platform, resulting in increased staff efficiency and decreased fraudulent activity.

Plans can integrate their existing systems and billing records with VectorCare Hub to create a single source of truth for administrative staff and end any discrepancies that arise from manually entering information across systems.

VectorCare Hub enables users to view relevant member information, displays live map and status updates and allows real-time messaging between care coordinators within one platform. This ensures plans know what's happening at every step of the patient care continuum.

HIPAA Compliant Data Storage

Safely stores member data via VectorCare Hub's HIPAA-Secure cloud-based system, which allows operations to scale up or down as needed with no lapse in time or resources.

Keeping members' information secure and within one system creates END-TO-END VISIBILITY for plans, helping them deliver safe and quality care to their members.

Broker-less Healthcare Dispatching

End your reliance on Brokers and take control of your non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services. VectorCare Hub allows plans to directly manage the delivery of NEMT services from start to finish.

Through VectorCare Hub, plans can create, build and/or manage an already existing network of credentialed vendors to deliver NEMT services for members, including transportation to and from appointments, prescription delivery, or delivery of durable medical equipment (DME).

The requesting, receiving, bidding, scheduling, confirming, and delivering of NEMT services are all completed within VectorCare Hub. Not only does this create an easy and efficient experience for everyone involved in NEMT services, but it also increases transparency, aiding in the elimination of NEMT FRAUD, WASTE, AND ABUSE (FWA). VectorCare integrates with many popular CAD systems to ensure full connectivity and transparency across care delivery.

Robust Reporting Tools

Every team has unique wants, needs, and challenges. Whatever the goal is, VectorCare Hub’s robust and customizable reporting capabilities make achieving that goal possible.

For example, if catching and eliminating fraudulent NEMT activity is a focus for your team, create a custom report that identifies and flags potential cases of FWA. Pull real-time data into this custom report and view information such as average costs, mileage, volumes, and associated pricing to catch any troubling outliers or discrepancies.


VectorCare Hub and HEDIS Measures

Adopting Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures helps ensure high-quality care for members. One way your plan can stand out from the competition is to improve your HEDIS measures.

It’s no secret that seniors have a plethora of Medicare Advantage plans and payers to choose from. Plans with high HEDIS measures make the decision easier for consumers as they know they’ll receive quality care. VectorCare Hub’s intelligent and comprehensive technology offers a new approach for improving HEDIS measures and, thus, helps set your company apart from the rest.

One-Stop-Shop for Healthcare Dispatching

Through our easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant, and Broker-less platform, plans can create quality experiences for all players across the entire care continuum.

Realize the power of VectorCare Hub’s one-stop-shop approach for healthcare dispatching.

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