Intro VectorCare trust

Introducing VectorCare Trust: Our New Comprehensive Credentialing Solution

July 1, 2020
VectorCare Team

We’re thrilled to share with you the unveiling of our new product, VectorCareTrust.

After working with the Healthcare and Service Providers in the VectorCare network for a number of years, we’ve noticed a strong need for efficient, trustworthy credentialing in the healthcare space. Before scheduling requests with local Service Providers, it’s important to know that your network of providers are properly credentialed and certified to fulfill that request.

With that in mind, we’ve been hard at work over the past year to bring you VectorCare Trust. With this new product, you can:

  • Manage your personal credentials
  • Manage the credentials of your employees
  • Manage & share your business credentials

All from a single place.

Trust for Healthcare Providers

Use VectorCare Trust to ensure that your network of providers are properly credentialed: save time while eliminating liability risk.

We all know how important proper credentialing can be both in mitigating liability and ensuring high standards of patient care. Yet the credentialing process for a single provider can cost dozens of valuable hours annually. Licenses faxed to and from, constant phone calls, and putting safeguards in place to ensure notification when credentials expire. Credentialing is, above all, time-consuming.

We built VectorCare Trust as a sister product to Hub, where you can manage your entire network’s credentialing requirements from within the VectorCare platform. With Trust, you can create credentialing schemas based on individual requirements, request credentials from providers, and track expiry dates. You can also keep track of your own employee’s licenses and credentials using the Trust iOS app for individuals.

Trust for Service Providers

We know how frustrating the credentialing process can be. From gathering all the information and documentation from your employees, to tracking business credentials, to faxing every document to each individual healthcare provider you work with, credentialing can feel like a never-ending loop of paperwork.

VectorCare Trust helps you upload all your credentialing documents instantly, track expiry dates, and share a single set of credentials with multiple healthcare providers.

The free Trust iOS app allows your employees (dispatchers, caregivers, drivers, etc) to update all their identification and licensing documents from their mobile device, then share with your company. No more spending hours every month tracking down employees to send you individual documents.

When a credential is about to expire, you’ll be notified at the 60, 30, 14, 7 and 0 day marks.

Trust for Individual HealthCare Workers

Built for healthcare professionals, the VectorCare Trust app is a free, secure storage solution to store and track personal credentials.

With VectorCare Trust, healthcare professionals can:

  • Easily upload & store all professional credentials: from licenses, to certifications, and more.
  • Create multiple expiry alerts for each individual credential– never let a credential lapse! Our visual tracking also lets you see at-a glance which credentials are active, which are in danger of expiring, and which have already expired.
  • Export credentials & share them with employers

We’re offering VectorCare Trust at a low monthly rate for both Healthcare and Service Providers. Our iOS app for healthcare workers is completely free of cost.

To learn more, about VectorCare Trust, CLICK HERE.

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