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Your 2021 Book List: Reading Recommendations from Healthcare’s Top Experts

January 26, 2021
VectorCare Team

Need some new additions to your reading list in the new year? We’ve got you covered.

As part of THE PATIENT’S JOURNEY PODCAST, VectorCare has been lucky enough to speak with some of Healthcare’s top experts and professionals: The Chairman of the National Coalition on Healthcare, Twilio’s Global Head of Healthcare, a 30-year expert in CMS compliance, the CEO of an innovative healthcare VR company, and more.

Here’s a collection of a few of their top reading recommendations they’d advise any healthcare professional to read.  

Together by Vivek Murthy, MD

“I’d recommend Together because Murthy talks about how we’re all interconnected in the healthcare enterprise, and how important the human element of care is. He covers how technology can make us all isolated, leading to a lack in community and family. If you’re a healthcare professional, I highly recommend this book as it speaks to a renaissance in the art of medicine and more empathic care.” -Dr. Jack Lewin, Chairman of the National Coalition on Healthcare

Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

“Remen is a UCSF professor, physician, but also a patient herself. She has a chronic condition, and the book is a collection of anecdotes both of her experiences as a patient and reflections as a physician on the other side of care. For me personally, it had a big impact on how much emphasis I placed on the patient journey and how I framed my role as a physician delivering compassionate care.” - Dr. Ryan Ribeira, CEO of SIMX VR

The Patient Will See You Now by Eric Topol

“The Patient Will See You Now is an excellent read if you’re interested in areas of improvement in the patient journey. It’s extremely thought provoking.” -Susan Lucas Collins, Twilio’s Global Head of Healthcare

Dare to Lead by Brené Brown

“The book is from a leadership perspective, and it’s about understanding and having courage to really have tough conversations. In healthcare, it’s vital from the patient and employee standpoint. We have to have whole-hearted conversations and understand that vulnerability is not a lack of courage, it’s showing courage. It’s a great read and I’d highly recommend it.” -Cris Sierra, VP of Transportation Operations at Comfort Care