Billing Update
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We’re Updating our Billing Policy and Procedures. Here’s What to Expect.

February 1, 2020
VectorCare Team

We've made some changes to improve billing procedures for our users.

This month, VectorCare updated our Service Provider billing process, effective February 1st, 2020. This article is for our customers and outlines the new process, invoice changes, and options for payment.

We designed this new billing process to be simpler, more transparent, and faster for you. Time is extremely valuable in healthcare, and we constantly strive to improve in ways that conserve more of your time.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s changing:

  • All Service Providers are now on our STANDARD $1.50/REQUEST MODEL.
  • We no longer accept paper checks as a means of payment.
  • We’ve increased our credit card payment limit from 1k to 10k!
  • ACH is now self-service and available to all Customers
  • Rather than receiving the billing detail file via your emailed invoice, you can access/download it directly from the VectorCare platform. HERE’S A HOW-TO GUIDE.
  • VectorCare will no longer issue credit memos. Credit memos took place when request which had previously been billed to the user had since been marked as canceled. The process included the user creating a list of canceled requests, contacting us, then receiving a credit applied to their account by VectorCare. Rather than this multi-step process, VectorCare will merely refund any canceled requests to the user’s payment method within the next billing cycle.

In short, we redesigned the billing process to help you optimize billing security and managing your time. For a detailed explanation of these changes, along with a step-by-step guide of how to view and download your billing invoice, visit our KNOWLEDGE BASE ARTICLE.

Please note that you must have a valid VectorCare identity to review knowledge base documents, so you may have to contact your VectorCare Administrator within your organization to ensure you are set up correctly.